Welcome Staff

We would like to welcome the following staff member to the Klondike family. 

Ms. Donahue - Kindergarten
Ms. Morehourse - Kindergarten Instructional Assistant
Ms. Zeilberg - ESS Teacher
Ms. Builes - Spanish
Ms. Cox - 2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Spaniol - Early Childhood Instructional Assistant
Ms. Burns - Early Childhood Instructional Assistant

PTA Membership
Our goal is to have at least two members from each family join the Klondike PTA. We want to have over 1,000 members and your support goes into the classrooms of our students.
PTA Board Seats
Klondike Lane is seeking parents to serve on the PTA board for the 19 - 20 school year. If you are interested in serving, please contact the school office at 502-485-8286 or through email at
Racial Equity Policy

Klondike Lane has developed a Racial Equity Plan and committee for the 19-20 school year. We are looking for continuous dialogue and participation in helping the school to be all-inclusive. 

2019-2020 SBDM Parent Representatives

Klondike Lane would like to congratulate Ms. Jennifer Gingerich and Mr. William Durkin for being selected to serve on the SBDM council for the 19-20 school year.  

We will be holding a special election for a teacher and parent minority representative for the 19-20 school year. Please let us know if you are interested in serving in this position. 

Our Calendar

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