Family Resource Center
Myah Duncan, Coordinator 
What is a Family Resource Center?
Family Resource Centers (FRCs) were created as part of the Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA) to provide information and/or referrals to families in the school's community. Because there are many barriers that can get in the way of a child's success in school, the center works to ensure that needed resources and support are made available in order to remove any obstacles. The center also strives to provide an inviting, warm atmosphere where parents can feel comfortable and confident in taking an active part in the school and in the lives of their children. By working together, the center and families can replace educational barriers with bridges of opportunity and success.
Who may use the FRC?
The FRC is available to the parents and families of all students who attend either Klondike Lane or Watterson Elementary Schools. In addition, we serve families who live in those areas but who do not have children attending either schoob
Who operates the FRC?

The center is operated by a full-time coordinator and a part-time home school coordinator. An Advisory Council made up of parents, community members, and school staff also provides guidance in decisions concerning the center.

Services and Referrals Available
  • Children's Support Groups
  • Mental Health Services
  • Expecting Parent Programs
  • Recreational and Family Activities
  • Daycare Referrals
  • Assistance With Clothing and School Supplies
  • Neighborhood Place Referrals
  • Childcare Before and After School
  • Educational Enrichment Activities
  • Home Visits
  • Special Events Information
  • Mentoring Program
  • Middle School Transition Program 
  • Free and Reduced-Price Meal Assistance
  • Every 1 Reads
  • Seven County Services
  • Health Services
Important Telephone Numbers

Adult Education


Child Abuse Hotline


Child Support Division


Community Action Agency


Community-Based Services (Aid to Families with Dependent Children [AFDC], Medical Assistance, Food Stamps)


Domestic Violence Crisis Line


Highview Health Center


Jefferson County Public Schools


Southeast Associated Ministries (SEAM)


Neighborhood Place


Newburg Health Center


Poison Control Center


Police, Fire, EMS




Visit the JCPS Family Resource and Youth Services Center Web site to learn more about Family Resource Centers.

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